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Blended First Aid Training

St. John Ambulance has been helping companies comply with first aid and safety training for over 125 years and we are proud to offer our comprehensive blended Emergency First Aid (EFA) and Standard First Aid (SFA) learning programs.

Our blended first aid training is a combination of online training with a practical classroom based skill session that provides that best attributes of both "hands on" and Internet based training. Our blended first aid programs basically cuts the classroom training time in half.

Classroom Blended
EFA - 8 hours in classroom EFA - 4.5 hours in classroom
SFA - 16 hours in classroom SFA - 8 hours in classroom

Besides reducing the classroom time our blended programs provides the following benefits:

  • Lower your training cost by reducing the time to complete the training;
  • Less time away from the company's core activities;
  • Trainees learn at their own pace, at opportune time;
  • The subject matter is taught the same way to all trainees;
  • Trainee status and statistics easily available to supervisor;
  • Training certificate issued upon successful completion;
  • Up-to-date reference at all time;
  • ... and much more


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Course Outlines / Descriptions

Emergency First Aid - CPR Level C blended course outline
Standard First Aid - CPR Level C blended course outline